Over 1000 respondents in five days – great interest in survey on the corona crisis

Researchers at the Mid Sweden University Risk and Crisis Research Centre (RCR) are currently conducting a research study to assess people´s trust and risk assessment in relation to the transmission of the novel coronavirus. So far, there are over 1 000 respondents from all over the world.

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The survey is available in ten different languages on the Mid Sweden University website. Photo: Mid Sweden University.

− So far, I count respondents from all continents, except Antarctica. As more and more countries introduced restrictions, I was curious about the level of trust in the governments, authorities and in the media, and in this survey, I aim to capture people´s opinions amid the crisis, says Minna Lundgren, researcher at RCR, the Risk and Crisis Research Centre.

The study is conducted in the form of a survey, and the interest so far has been great. During the first five days after the survey was published on the platform Netigate, more than 1 000 individuals responded. To gain additional perspectives, and to avoid limiting participation to Swedish-speaking respondents, the survey was translated to English, French, German, Russian, and Georgian. Translations to Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and Italian will also be available shortly.

− Since identical surveys are offered in ten different languages, we will gain knowledge about people who live in Sweden, but who choose to answer in another language, and therefore most likely have a different mother tongue. We will be able to assess both their level of trust in the government, authorities and in the media, and how people assess risks in relation to the transmission of the novel coronavirus. This knowledge is important for the handling of future crises that affect the entire population, says Minna Lundgren.

The survey consists of 35 questions, the first part dealing with the trust in the government´s and the expert authorities´ ability to handle the pandemic.  There are also questions about whether or not the government, the expert authorities and regional authorities have introduced restrictions or recommendations that affect the respondents´ lives, as well as to what extent these measures are considered relevant and whether or not the respondents follow the recommendations.

− The trust in different media is also a topic in the survey, as well as how the respondents assess risks in terms of their own and their family members´ health, as well as their own and the country´s economy. The survey is the same, regardless of where the respondents come from, it has not been adapted to the conditions of one specific country, says Minna Lundgren.

The last part of the survey consists of questions about age, gender identity and marital status. The survey will remain open until mid-April and thereafter, it will be analyzed. The results will be presented in a number of academic papers later on in 2020.

You will find the survey here.

Minna Lundgren, Principal Investigator Mid Sweden University Risk and Crisis Research Centre (RCR), minna.lundgren@miun.se, mobile +46 (0)10-142 88 19

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